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Best Restaurants in Downtown Phoenix: The Best Options

Updated: October 27, 2022

Are you looking for the best restaurants in downtown Phoenix? With more than 100 options, it can be tough to select just the right one. To make it easier for you, we've created a few lists to help you quickly decide.

You will find our favorites for breakfast and brunch. You will also find our go to spots for lunch and dinner. 

We've also included our favorite coffee shops, where we like to grab pizza, and our top picks for tacos.

6 Best Breakfast & Brunch in Downtown Phoenix

What are the best restaurant in downtown Phoenix for breakfast or brunch? You will find several great places, but these six are our go to options. 

Breakfast Bitch

You'll know you are in a different type of breakfast spot when you walk in the door and are welcomed with, "Hello, bitches!" We know that whenever we do, we start to laugh.

The décor is hilarious, with all kinds of it dedicated to women that are strong, funny sayings on the wall, and more silliness.

That being stated, the food is out of this world amazing! Everything we've had here, and we've had a lot, has been above our expectations. Some of our favs include the "Bitch in a Blanket" (like chicken in a blanket), Bitch.L.T. (B.L.T.), and the Boujee Bitch (lobster and a croissant on spinach).

There are also loads of the usual stuff, but we find these the most fun and silly. Trust us, it may sound weird but you'll laugh the whole time and never forget going here. 222 East Portland

Matt's Big Breakfast

Pretty much everyone in the city's most beloved breakfast and brunch spot in downtown Phoenix is Matt's Big Breakfast. They serve up the basics with a twist including some of the best waffles in town.

We love The Hog & Chick (two eggs with thick cut bacon), their Waffle (Belgian-style and thick cut bacon), and The Skinny (egg whites with gruyere cheese).

They serve breakfast all day and there is usually a wait on the weekends.

Come first thing to avoid the crowds.  825 N. 1st Street

Breakfast Club in CityScape

The Breakfast Club is another one of the best restaurants in downtown Phoenix for breakfast.

Here you can get everything from a large plate with three eggs and your choice of meat to something lighter such as a fruit bowl or some Greek yogurt.

We love their Huevos Rancheros, their Steak Bene Benedict, and the chicken fried chicken.

They are located in CityScape, which is central to pretty much everything and easy to get to no matter where you are staying. 2 E. Jefferson Street

Snooze Circles Records

Even though it may sound like a record shop, this funky and chic breakfast joint will hit the spot. 

Here you will find everything from pancakes to benedicts to classic egg dishes.

Our favorites are the Habanero Pork Belly Benny, the Funky Monkey French Toast, and the Corn Beef Hash.

They are always ready to adapt their meals to your needs, whether that be paleo, keto, vegetarian or vegan. 800 N. Central Avenue

The Vig Fillmore

This spot is open for brunch on the weekends and is a local favorite.

My favorite on their menu include the Jumbo Cinnamon Roll. We also like their Pozole and the Chilaquiles.

If you prefer something sweet for brunch, don't miss their pumpkin soufflé pancakes or their cinnamon skillet.

The menu does change at times, and yet, trust us, you are guaranteed to find something you will love. 606 N. 4th Avenue

SpoonZ Cafe

We love going to SpoonZ not only for the amazing food, but for the cool décor and fun atmosphere.

And, of course, if you are looking for a delicious salad, sandwich or a panini, then head over to SpoonZ Cafe.

Other choices include their offer fresh bagels, the Hale Caeser! Wrap (my favorite), and also homemade country quiche (Aram's favorite). Much of their meals are easy to grab and go, so if you are in a rush, definitely check it out.

You can also pick up a muffin, scone, or one of their fresh baked cookies or cupcakes.  2 S. 2nd Street

Lunch Downtown Phoenix: 5 Top Picks

Lunch at the Kettle Black in downtown Phoenix.

Monroe's Hot Chicken

This place is the BOMB! Seriously, this should be on everyone's list of the best restaurants in downtown Phoenix.

Their menu is tiny, but their food is amazing. Their fried chicken sandwich is their most popular item, and you can choose the heat level you want with it.

You can start with "Southern" which has no heat all the way up to "What Da Chuck!" which they describe as being so hot that you must "Call the Fire Department!"

It's so hot that you have to sign a waiver before you eat the What Da Chuck!

We usually stick with their medium or hot. 45 W. Jefferson Street, Ste K

The Arrogant Butcher

Another one of the best restaurants in downtown Phoenix for lunch is The Arrogant Butcher.

We usually stick to the salad and sandwich portion of their menu which offers a tasty Slow Roaster Prime Rib French Dip, a Ranch House Chopped Salad, and their AB Cheeseburger.

As you can tell, we love them all!

You can also order one of their larger entrees with options such as Fish & Chips, Meatloaf, New York Strip, or Filet Mignon.

In addition to heading here for lunch, it's one of my top spots for dinner in downtown Phoenix too! 2 E Jefferson Street, Suite 150


This is a great spot for both breakfast and lunch.

It's a sandwich shop that appeals to those that work downtown, so service is quick, and the food is delicious.

I love their Bear Claw and Jill loves their Roast Beef Sandwich, and we both love their chili.

It is another restaurant that is fast and perfect in case you are in a hurry since they pride themselves on no making people wait no matter how busy they are. 30 N. 3rd Avenue

The Kettle Black Kitchen & Pub

Another one of our favorite lunch spots in downtown Phoenix is The Kettle Black Kitchen & Pub.

This gastropub offers up standard English fare and several traditional American dishes, but don't let that make you think it is ordinary in any way at all.

Their corned beef is slow-roasted and is the best around town. I love their Corned Beef and Cabbage dish, the Steak Frites, and the Pork Belly Mac and Cheese.

If you are looking for a sandwich, Aram is a Reuben connoisseur and thinks their Reuben is beyond amazing. One N. 1st Street

Harumi Sushi & Sake

The absolute best place to grab some sushi in downtown Phoenix is at Harumi Sushi & Saki.

Just to give you an idea of how good it is, it is our top sushi pick for both lunch and dinner.

The service is great and, the food is even better! They offer sashimi, nigiri, and some specialty rolls.

Our favorites are their H3, Havana, and the Rainbow rolls.

They also have some classic rolls as well as a few vegan options. 114 W. Adams Street, Suite 101/102

Dinner Downtown Phoenix: 5 Bets Spots

In addition to The Arrogant Butcher and The Kettle Black Kitchen & Pub (which I listed above in the lunch section), here are five additional spots we love to check out for dinner in downtown Phoenix.

Taco Chelo

We love this restaurant because it is a truly authentic experience for those looking for Mexican and Sonoran style food.

With a both indoor and outdoor areas, which is perfect for our wonderful evenings. They are both very chic and hip, and we love sitting in either place depending on the weather.

We love the "Flamingo" which is crispy rolled tacos with cheese and more, the Beef Barbacoa, and the Sonoran Taco. FYI: If you have never had a Sonoran taco while in Arizona, you have to have one. It is basically the law. 

This is the perfect stop when we are going mural hunting since it is situated right in the heart of the Roosevelt Row District. 501 E. Roosevelt Street

Compass Arizona Grill

We both love this place for its unique atmosphere.

The restaurant is set on the 24th floor of the Hyatt Regency Phoenix, but it isn't your typical hotel restaurant.

This restaurant rotates around as you eat, so you end up with 360 degree views of downtown. It's also a great place to catch a sunset or enjoy a special night out on the town.

And, of course, it isn't just the view that makes it so incredible, the food is amazing with pretty much anything and everything you could wish from a high end restaurant. 122 N. 2nd Street

Ziggy's Magic Pizza Shop

This is another one of the best restaurants in downtown Phoenix for dinner.

It's a local favorite and offers tasty wood-fired pizzas. They also have sandwiches, wings, and more. We love the "Ziggy Fries" and the "Pretty Fly for a White Pie" since we love white sauce pizzas.

Not only are the food great and drinks awesome, it even has a video game arcade!

Simply stated, it is one of the coolest and most hips places you'll find in Phoenix and the pizza is truly magical! 401 West Van Buren Street, Suite B


You will want to check out this local favorite on your trip here. It is chic, and yet casual, and you will feel like you are part of the "in-crowd" the second you enter it.

The building was built in 1947 and it still has some of the same décor and style. Trust us, you'll dig it.

Their food is incredible, the drinks are delicious and innovative, and there are very cool art installations in the restaurant unlike anywhere else.

Some of the entrees include Pork Milanese, Adam Street Pork Chop, but for vegetarians there is also the Stuffed Portobello. We've tried all of them and they are outstanding.

The building is famous for its classic design and architecture. 40 N. 1st Street

Mancuso's Restaurant

Family owned and run for over 40 years, this restaurant you will make you feel like you are in Italy.

With great salads, steak, pasta, and more, you will be so happy you came here.

We almost always start with the bruschetta, then choose between the Cannelloni, possibly the Shrimp Fra Diavolo or a steak. You can't go wrong.

If you are a wine lover, they have an extensive list from all around the world.

This is one of the best restaurants in downtown Phoenix for lovers of Italian food. Mangia! 201 E. Washington Street, Suite 201

Our 5 Favorite Coffee Shops

Cartel Coffee Lab

One of our favorite coffee shops in downtown Phoenix is Cartel.

They offer some of the tastiest coffee around as well as an invigorating downtown atmosphere.

As you can tell by their name, they are always trying something innovative, so prepared to think outside the box.

And if you are needing a bite to eat, check out their breakfast burritos and more. 1 North 1st Street

Serafina Coffee Roasters

Another cool spot is Serafina Coffee Roasters. This local, artisan coffee shop only uses beans from fair trade farmers.

Not only is their coffee amazing, their shop is set inside a funky, old building.

While you are here, don't miss your chance to pick up some of their tasty baked goods as well. 45 W. Jefferson Street in Luhrs Tower

Songbird Coffee & Tea House

We love Songbird for their location and their coffee.

They sit along Roosevelt Row inside a historic house built in 1904.

When you grab a cup of their coffee (or tea), you can sit down and feel like you are in your home away from home.

They also feature works from local artists as well as events with local poets, musicians, writers, and more. 812 N. 3rd Street

Blue House Coffee Goods

Blue House Coffee is another favorite with the locals.

Their coffee is hand roasted and brings out the best flavors in each variety. If you need a bite to eat, they have bagels, breakfast burritos, and a few other tasties.

Their only location is in downtown Phoenix, but they also sell their coffee at weekly Farmer's Markets. 435 N. 5th Street

Tres Leches Cafe

This coffee shop is unlike any other on this list since they are a Mexican Coffee shop and all of their drinks include Mexican flavors.

Since they try to stay true to the culture, you will love it since many of their drinks are sweet.

Some of my favorites include their Café Miklo Latte (with white chocolate, espresso, and crema) and the Tres Mexicanos (with their special chocolate, espresso, and crema).

Note: If you love hot chocolate, this is the absolute best place to get it in downtown Phoenix. 1714 W. Van Buren Street

Pizza Downtown Phoenix

Hot Daisy Pizza

This is definitely one of the best restaurants in downtown Phoenix if you want some great slices or even a whole pie. Or, if you just want a snack, grab their Cheesy Western Garlic Sticks.

They have the usual ones like a pepperoni pie, Margherita pie, but also the "Just Fuggetaboutit Pie" which you will have to experience to believe it.

We love that they have an "Fire Fighter Chunky Style" option to add some serious hot peppers and spices to any slice or pie for a few more bucks. 610 East Roosevelt #145

Pomo Pizzeria

There is nothing like handmade pizza being made right before your eyes.

Their selection of pizzas always has something that I love and makes me want to come back for more.

They also have more than pizza, so feel free to go here even if you aren't a pizza fanatic.

Many of their ingredients are imported directly from Italy, so you know it is authentic. 705 N. 1st Street

Freak Brothers Pizza

If you want to eat healthy pizza, then you will totally "freak out" since many of their ingredients are 100% organic, including the meat.

They consider their pizzas "edible art", and you will love the masterpiece they create just for you!

We love that they are so thoughtful and have both vegetarian and vegan pizzas for sale as well. 901 N. 1st Street

New York Pizza Dept

Simply stated, you'll think you have stepped into the city of New York when you eat here.

They have a full menu and a great bunch of local beers.

Their pizzas are all incredible and they have fun names for the pizza like the "Brooklyn Family," "Vinney's Favorite," and "Joey's Favorite."

They have vegetarian, vegan, and pretty much any type of pizza you could ever want to eat here. 7th Avenue & McDowell


Set in a 1930's bungalow, with a stained glass window, you will think you are in a different world compared to most pizza joints.

Of course, their pizzas are delicious, but they are also a truly authentic Italian restaurant with calzones, pastas, and desserts to die for!

Eating at Cibo is truly a wonderful experience and you'll love the fireplace that helps set just the right mood for a romantic meal. 603 N. 5th Avenue

Mexican Food & Tacos in Downtown Phoenix

Tacos at Taco Chelo in Roosevelt Row in Phoenix

Taco Chelo

This restaurant gets two mentions on this page since it is without question one of the best restaurants in downtown Phoenix.

Located on Roosevelt Row, in the middle of all the incredible murals, you will love the authentic food here and the friendly staff.

There is an indoor and outdoor area, and TVs inside, if you want to just hang out while you are dining and relax. Their tacos are out of this world good! 501 E. Roosevelt Street

Chico Malo

This restaurant takes Mexican and South American food to a totally different level.

The interior is classy, the food is outstanding and original (if you've never had a Duck Confit are in for a treat!), and the drinks are delicious.

Chico Malo, which means, "Bad Boy" in English, will only make you feel good and happy you came here to eat and drink! CityScape Downtown

Taco Boy's

If you are looking for a more laid-back option, then this is your place.

They have a great selection of tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. They also have some great combination plates if you want to combine a salad, some appetizers, and a meal.

If you, and your family, are really hungry, check out the "Paquete Familiar" This meal gives you 1 pound of meat and 15 tortillas!

We personally love their homemade Horchata too. 620 E. Roosevelt Street

Willie's Taco Joint

This is the perfect place to be if you are waiting to go to a game downtown, this restaurant is gonna be your go to stop.

The food is excellent, the service is friendly, and it has an indoor and outdoor area.

We like sitting in the outdoor area because we can watch people go by and check out the all the goings on.

It is a fun place just to chill and enjoy the day. 333 E. Jefferson Street


After you eat here, you'll be saying, "H'oly M'ole, that was delicious!" and you'll be right.

The tortillas are made onsite, you have numerous options to have in your taco or burrito (including vegetarian), and the drinks are yummy.

Even as one of the best restaurants in downtown Phoenix, it is still a great deal and way less expensive than a lot of other ones.

Make sure to grab a "churro" for dessert. They are delicious, and if you've never had one, you are in for a treat! 101 N. 1st Street

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