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Phoenix Weather in April: Spring Temperatures & Packing Tips

The Phoenix weather in April makes it one of the best times to visit. You will find warm, sunny days and cool, yet comfortable evenings.

It's the heart of spring, yet it feels like early summer compared to the rest of the US. Humidity is low, so it feels cool enough to spend the day outside throughout the month.

Read on for more tips about what to expect, average temperatures, and a few fun things to do.

Monkey at the Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix weather in April is perfect. The days reach up into the mid-80s. Things cool off quickly with temperatures dipping down in the lower 70s in the evenings and down to an average of around 60 overnight.

We only get traces of rain this time of year, so you can expect sunny days about 95% of the time.

With little humidity, our 80-degree days will feel a little cooler than elsewhere. Make sure to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. Also, don't forget your sunscreen and sunglasses.

Here is a little more about the Phoenix weather in April.

Average temperatures for the Phoenix weather in April.

Average High in April: 85° F/29° C

Average Low in April: 60° F/16° C

Average Monthly Rainfall: ~ 1/4 inch

Record High: 105° F/ 41° C

Record Low: 34° F/1° C

What to Wear for the Phoenix Weather in April

As we move to warmer temperatures, you will want to bring along mostly summer type clothing for your stay. This includes short sleeved shirts, shorts, skirts, and sandals.

Make sure to also bring a few items to keep you warm on our cool evenings including at least a pair of jeans and one pair of closed toe shoes.

Phoenix Weather in April: Women

Shirts: This time of year, I mostly wear short sleeved shirts. They are the perfect match for spring and our wonderful Phoenix weather in April. Bring along a couple more than you think you need as you might need to change a couple of times if you get too warm during the day.

Shorts/Skirts: Spring is also the time for shorts in Phoenix. It's warm enough throughout the day but does cool down at night. Bring along two to three pairs, so you have plenty to choose from each day.

Pants/Jeans: Even though it's warm during the day, it does cool off at night. If you plan to eat outside or spend any time outdoors after sunset, you will probably want at least one to two pairs of longer pants.

Sweater/Jacket: You can also get away with just packing short sleeved shirts if you bring along a light jacket or sweater. You won't wear it much, but it's nice to have along if you plan to be outdoors after sunset. You can bring one along that works with a variety of shirts you bring, so you don't have to overload your bag with heavier clothing.

Shoes: This is the time of year that I finally break out my sandals for the entire month. You can wear them during the day and at night. I also use my flip flops for pool days. I do recommend bringing along at least one pair of athletic shoes, so you can keep your toes warm on unusually cool evenings.

Phoenix Weather in April: Men

Shirts: You will want to bring along plenty of short sleeved shirts to get you through your visit. I recommend bringing a few more than you think you need so you can change them out if you get too warm one day. Bring along two more than you think you might need.

Shorts: Aram typically wears shorts both day and night. The Phoenix weather in April allows him to stay warm enough unless we have an unusually cold night. 

Pants/Jeans: This is also why I recommend that you bring at least one pair of jeans. You might wear them a couple of times, but only for a few hours. They will be way too warm during the day, but perfect on those cool evenings.

Sweater/Jacket: Bring at least one light jacket or sweater to bring along with you at night. Again, you will only need one as you won't use it much. It's a great way to warm up if you are in a place that is a bit cooler than usual.

Shoes: Sandals are perfect for both day and night. For me, I love wearing them even when it's a bit cool, as long as I have pants or a jacket to keep me warm. I also recommend bringing at least one pair of athletic shoes and flip flops for the pool!

Five Fun Things to Do in April

1. Diamondbacks Baseball: Spring training is over and it's time for major league play. The Arizona Diamondbacks have about half a dozen games each April. They play their games downtown at Chase Field.

2. Hike South Mountain: One of the best places to hike that is close to Phoenix is South Mountain. With more than 50 miles of trails, you will never run out of places to explore.

3. Day Trip to the Grand Canyon: April is a great time to head up to the Grand Canyon. The weather is still cool (bring your jacket!), but the busy tourist season hasn't started yet. You can either drive up on your own or head up with a guided tour. This is one of my favorites.

4. Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Rides: This time of year is also the perfect time to see Phoenix from above. These hot air balloon rides leave in time for you to watch the sun rise. The tours usually last a few hours and the hot air balloon ride itself is about 45 minutes to an hour, but it is an experience you will never forget. This is my favorite option.

5. Phoenix Zoo: You will also love the zoo this time of year. The Phoenix weather in April makes it warm, yet comfortable. We usually spend about two to three hours here, although it might take four to five if you want to see everything.

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