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Phoenix Weather in February: Warm Days and Cool Nights

The Phoenix weather in February offers sunny, warm days as we move from winter temperatures into more of a feeling of spring. The evenings are cool with very little rain this time of year.

It's the perfect time of year to head out for a hike anytime of the day. It's one of many months that we practically live outdoors as it's so beautiful. 

Read on to learn more about what to expect this time of year!

Desert Botanical Garden in February in Phoenix

Phoenix weather in February features average highs around 70. You will find clear skies throughout the month with plenty of sunshine. It's the perfect place to escape from the cloudy, winter skies that most of the rest of the US is facing.

At night, it cools off quick after the sun sets. In the evening, you can expect temperatures in the mid-50s to lower 60s. The overnight lows are in the upper 40s. 

Even though it isn't as warm this time of year, make sure to take precautions if you plan to be in the sun for too long. Since we are in the desert, the sun is intense all year long.

Here is a little more about the Phoenix weather in February.

Phoenix average temperatures graphic for February.

Average High in February: 71° F/22° C

Average Low in February: 49° F/9° C

Average Monthly Rainfall: ~1 inch

Record High: 92° F/ 33° C

Record Low: 21° F/-6° C

What to Wear for the Phoenix Weather in February

You will want to bring along plenty of clothes that you can layer this time of year. While you will be comfortable without a sweater or jacket during the day, the early morning and evenings hours get cool. You will want to have something to ensure you can stay a little warmer during the cooler parts of the day and still enjoy the outdoors.

What to Pack in February graphic

Phoenix Weather in February: Women

Shirts: Bring along a couple of short sleeved shirts as well as a couple of light weight long sleeved shirts. This will allow you plenty of options depending on if you will be indoors or out. Usually during the day, I'll wear a short-sleeved shirt and it's comfortable. However, there are a few cooler days, so for those, I'll wear a long-sleeved shirt that is light weight to help me stay a little warmer.

Jackets/Sweaters: I also recommend bringing along at least a couple of sweaters and a light jacket. You can use these in the early morning hours or in the evenings after the sun goes down.

Pants: This time of year, I still stick to long pants. Bring along a couple of pairs of jeans and/or casual pants to wear around as you explore. If you plan to do a little running or hiking, bring along a pair of shorts for this activity, but other than that it is still a bit too cold for me to wear shorts. It might be just fine for you if you are coming down for a visit where temperatures are below freezing, but after a few days, you might be like us and be too cold to wear shorts!

Shoes: Phoenix is casual, so you can wear casual shoes. This time of year, I'll usually wear either athletic shoes or ballet slippers to explore. I'll then wear nicer closed toe shoes to go out in at night. I don't often break out my sandals or flip flops until March.

Phoenix Weather in February: Men

Shirts: Aram often wears short sleeved shirts during the day. At night, he will typically wear a long-sleeved shirt that is light weight. I recommend bringing a combination of these two types of shirts to make sure you stay cool during the day and warm enough at night.

Jackets/Sweatshirts: I also recommend bringing along a light jacket, sweater, or sweatshirt to throw on during the cool evenings or before the sun rises. Even though we have beautiful weather this time of year, it does get cool when the sun is down. Bring along at least two items that you can throw over your shirt to warm up.

Pants: Aram is often still wearing jeans or pants this time of year. The mix with a short-sleeved shirt and a pair of jeans is perfect. You will rarely be too warm with this combination. Bring along a few pairs of jeans and a few pairs of casual pants. Bring along shorts if you plan to do some hiking or running outdoors. 

Shoes: Both athletic and canvas shoes are perfect this time of year. You can wear sandals, but both Aram and I find it a bit too chilly on our toes! However, if you have access to a heated pool (either indoors or out) make sure to bring some flip flops to get to and from the pool easily.

Five Fun Things to Do in February

1. Phoenix Suns Basketball: Grab some tickets to a Phoenix Suns basketball game. They play downtown in Talking Stick Arena. You will find about half a dozen home games this month. 

2. Hiking: There are so many places to hike around Phoenix, that you could spend your entire time here just checking out the hiking trails. You can climb up to the top of Camelback Mountain or head over to Scottsdale to check out Pinnacle Peak Park.

3. Roosevelt Row Murals: Soak in the beauty of the Roosevelt Row Murals. This district is just north of downtown Phoenix and is full of interesting murals. You will find a combination of styles, topics, and colors throughout the district. You can also go on your own or with a guide.

4. Breweries: Spend some time checking out some of our top breweries. You can do a sampler to try several different types or you can just pick your favorite. There are dozens of breweries all around the Valley with new ones opening each week. 

5. Golfing: One of the biggest reasons people love Phoenix is you can golf all year long. You will find plenty of courses within the city limits as well as in Scottsdale and other surrounding towns. They are typically open from sunrise to sundown, so you could play all day long!

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