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Phoenix Weather in January: What to Expect in Our Winter Season

The Phoenix weather in January offers warm, sunny days and cool evenings. It's the second coolest month of the year with just a little rain throughout the month.

It's a wonderful time to explore and be outside all day long. Although it's still technically winter here, it feels similar to what spring is like in most of the rest of the US.

Read on for more details on average temperatures, some packing tips, and a few of my favorite things to do this month.

Flamingos at the Phoenix Zoo enjoying the cool weather

As the new year starts, you can expect sunny days almost all month long. The average highs this time of year are in the mid-60s. This makes for the perfect temps to explore the Valley.

Overnight, the temperatures dip into the mid-40s. It cools quickly after the sun sets and cools off even more overnight. 

If you plan to do some early morning hiking, you will find it's quite cool before the sun rises. The intense sunshine will make it feel warm pretty quickly after the sun rises.

Even though it isn't that warm, it is very dry this time of year. Make sure to consume lots of water to stay hydrated throughout the month.

Phoenix weather averages in January

Average High in January: 67° F/19° C

Average Low in January: 46° F/8° C

Average Monthly Rainfall: ~1 inch

Record High: 88° F/ 31° C

Record Low: 16° F/-8° C

What to Wear for the Phoenix Weather in January

With the wonderful temperatures this time of year, your best bet is to make sure you have a layer or two of clothing with you. This allows you to add and remove items as you warm up or cool down. 

I also recommend you bring along mostly closed toe shoes. You can bring a pair of sandals, but it's often still a little too cool for them. The closed toe shoes will keep your feet warm both day and at night.

January packing guide for Phoenix

Phoenix Weather in January: Tips for Women

Shirts: Make sure to bring along a variety of shirts. I'll typically wear short sleeved shirts during the day and light long sleeved shirts at night. I also recommend bringing along some light sweaters or a jacket to add if you are cool. You will need these in the cool mornings and evenings.

Pants/Jeans: This time of year, it's best to wear long pants. It's nice and sunny, but still a bit too cool for me to wear shorts. Both light weight pants and jeans are perfect for this time of year. If you plan to do a little hiking or running, then bring along a couple of pairs of shorts for these activities.

Shoes: Bring both athletic shoes as well as some closed toe ballet slippers. These are perfect for exploring during the day. You can also bring along a nicer pair of shoes for your evenings out on the town. Phoenix is casual, so you will see a variety of clothing options all around town. 

Phoenix Weather in January: Tips for Men

Shirts: Aram usually wears short sleeved shirts during the day. He will bring along a light jacket or sweater to add on those days that it's either rainy or a bit chillier than normal. The jackets and sweaters are also perfect for the cool mornings and evenings.

Pants/Jeans: We both tend of stick to pants and jeans this time of year. On unusually hot days, Aram might wear shorts, but we usually only wear these when we are running, hiking, or working out in some way. 

Shoes: You will also want to bring along comfortable shoes. You can wear athletic or canvas shoes anywhere in Phoenix. You can bring along a nicer pair of shoes for the evening if you want. However, since we are so casual here, you might find that you don't wear them unless you are attending a higher end party or function.

5 Fun Things to Do in Phoenix in January

1. Broadway & Other Theater Performances: Spend the night at a theater production. You will find everything from Broadway shows to local performances. Some of the big hits that have come through town include Hamilton, Jersey Boys, and Wicked.

2. Hiking: The great thing about hiking this time of year is that you don't have to be up and going before the sunrises. You can hike anytime during the day. If you want to stay in Phoenix, you can hike Camelback Mountain or at South Mountain. You will also find dozens of trails just east of the city. 

3. Phoenix Suns Basketball: Head downtown to watch the Phoenix Suns in action. This NBA team plays at Talking Stick Arena against other top teams such as the Los Angeles Lakers, the Golden State Warriors, and the Denver Nuggets. They have about a half dozens games at home in January.

4. Desert Botanical Gardens: I also love the lighting this time of year at the Desert Botanical Gardens. With the sun shining, you can check out their rare and endangered plants. You can also peacefully walk through their many trails. It's a fun way to spend the day or even just a few hours.

5. Hot Air Balloon Ride: I usually recommend the sunrise option when it's hot, but during the cooler months, I prefer the sunset hot air balloon ride. The light this time of year right before and during sunset is amazing. Plus, it's a touch warmer than at first light. These rides take off on the northern end of Phoenix. Find one of my favorite options here.

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