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Phoenix Weather in June: Hot Days and Warm Nights

The Phoenix weather in June is when it really starts to heat up in the Sonoran Desert. We have hot, sunny days and warm nights.

Due to our low humidity, it does cool off a little after the sun sets. You will also want to make sure you bring along water to stay hydrated no matter where you go.

Read on for more information about the average temperatures, what to wear this time of year, and a few of the best things to do all month long.

Chase field on a warm summer day

Hot days and warm nights are the norm for the Phoenix weather in June. When I say hot, I mean REALLY hot. Our highs average around 104 this time of year. It's dry and hot, so spending time indoors or at the pool (under some shade) is what locals usually do this time of year.

At night, things will cool down, but just a bit. Overnight lows average just above 80 degrees.

You can sit outside this time of year, as many restaurants have overhangs that allow for shade. You will also find misters to help keep you cool when you want to sit outside. 

Average temperatures for June in Phoenix

Average High in June: 104° F/40° C

Average Low in June: 78° F/26° C

Average Monthly Rainfall: Traces

Record High: 122° F/ 50° C

Record Low: 49° F/9° C

What to Pack for the Phoenix Weather in June

Bring all of your coolest summer gear if you plan to visit in June. The Phoenix weather in June is hot, hot, hot so cool, loose fitting clothing is your best bet.

We also have very little humidity this time of year, so make sure you are always hydrating. If you head out hiking, do so as early as you can in the morning. You do not want to get caught in the heat of the day on the trail.

Also, if you head out for a drink or two at night, make sure you are mixing in some water as you go because it's easy to get dehydrated here in June.

Graphic on what to wear in June in Phoenix

Phoenix Weather in June: Women

Shirts: You will want to pack two shirts for each day you are here. Believe me, you will be happy to have that mid-day or early evening change of shirt available. It's dry, but you will need to change your shirts often as you will get a bit sticky. Pack light weight short sleeved shirts and tank tops. 

Shorts/Skirts: Bring along at least an extra pair or two of shorts also. After you are done exploring during the day, you will want a change of clothes for the evening. This is true even if you are indoors as you will be hot as you transition from the outdoors to the indoors. Skirts are great this time of year too.

Dresses: Flowing tank top dresses are the best option this time of year. They will keep you cool and offer you a little nicer look for your stay. 

Shoes: Sandals and flip flops are what I wear most of the time. When I'm working out or hiking, I'll wear athletic shoes, but I always switch to sandals and flip flops as soon as I can after my work out. Also, if you plan to go swimming, the sidewalk is very hot, so you will need to wear your flip flops to the pool to make sure you don't burn the bottom of your feet.

Swimming Suits: Bring along a couple of swimming suits. To cool off, we will often hop in the pool for a quick dip, so we have a few to make sure we don't have to put on a wet suit later in the day.

Phoenix Weather in June: Men

Shirts: Bring both short sleeved shirts and tank tops for your stay. Bring along a few extras as you will need to change periodically throughout the day to keep your shirts fresh. 

Shorts: You will be in shorts during your entire stay. It cools down a bit at night, but not enough to change into pants. Bring along pants if you plan to head up to Flagstaff as it's cooler there, but not in and around the Sonoran Desert.

Shoes: Flip flops and sandals will give you that extra bit of coolness during both the day and at night. Bring at least one pair of athletic shoes for hiking, exploring, or working out, but make sure you always have a pair of flip flops or sandals to change into right away.

Swimming Suits: Bring along a couple of suits so you can take a dip several times a day during your stay. This way you don't have to put on a wet suit that you wore earlier in the day. This is the best way to cool down this time of year!

Five Fun Things to Do in June

1. Butterfly Wonderland: One of my favorite things to do this time of year is to visit Butterfly Wonderland. It's a greenhouse type space where butterflies openly fly around from tree to tree. You can walk around as you wish watching them make their way around the greenhouse. It is warm and humid inside, but it is sheltered from the sun. It is such a cool experience.

2. Desert Botanical Garden: I also like visiting the Desert Botanical Garden. I prefer to head over first thing in the morning or after the sunsets. At night, they light up the garden, which makes it absolutely beautiful! 

3. Heard Museum: The Heard Museum is also a great indoor option this time of year. They focus on Native American Indian art and culture. Most of their exhibits focus on local tribes including the Navajo and Hopi. It's a great way to learn more about their past and present. Learn more here

4. Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball: I also love heading to Chase Field. They have a retractable roof that is open on cooler days and closed on hot days. This means you can go to a game no matter what the Phoenix weather in June throws at you.

5. Odysea Aquarium: Another fun thing to do is head to Odysea. It's located next to Butterfly Wonderland and is the largest aquarium in Arizona. You will see everything from alligators to sharks. They also have a fun theater with rotating seats that allows you to sit back and relax as they take you through four very different underwater experiences. 

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