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Phoenix Weather in March: Average Temperatures and Packing Tips

The Phoenix weather in March offers lovely warm and sunny days. It cools down at night with some comfortable, yet chilly overnight lows.

This time of year is still cool enough that you can hike or be outside in the sun all day long. It's a little cooler earlier in the month and begins to heat up a bit more toward the end of the month.

With our dry heat, it may feel a bit cooler than what the temperatures read. It's also important to make sure you continue to hydrate throughout your visit as it's easy to get too dehydrated here in the desert.

Read on for additional tips on what to expect this time of year. You will also find some packing tips and a few ideas on the best things to do in March.

Mural in the Roosevelt Row District in March

The Phoenix weather in March is when the temperatures start to warm up. You will find highs in the mid to upper 70s. It's closer to the mid-70s toward the beginning of the month with highs reaching close to and sometime up to 80 toward the end of the month.

In the evenings, you will find temperatures in the 60s and dipping down in the mid-50s overnight. Because there is very little humidity this time of year, the temperatures cool down quickly after sunset. 

Here are a few more details about the Phoenix weather in March.

Average temperatures in Phoenix in March graphic

Average High in March: 77° F/25° C

Average Low in March: 54° F/12° C

Average Monthly Rainfall: ~1 inch

Record High: 100° F/ 37° C

Record Low: 25° F/-4° C

What to Pack for the Phoenix Weather in March

The Phoenix weather in March is the transition from our spring like weather to early summer. This is when the temperatures are warmer during the day, but tend to still be a bit cool overnight.

We recommend bringing along quite a few pieces that you can layer. This way you can add and remove items as the temperatures changes.

If you plan to visit toward the beginning of the month, you will want a larger percentage of spring or warmer clothing. If you plan to visit toward the end of the month, you can bring along more summer type wear. 

Tips on what to wear in March in Phoenix

Packing Tips for Women

Shirts: You will want to bring along a variety of shirts. During the day, I'll typically wear a short sleeved shirt. On cooler days (usually toward the beginning of the month), I'll sometimes wear a light weight, long sleeved shirt. I'll also lean toward a long sleeved shirt at night after the sun goes down.

Jackets: I'll also pair my short sleeved shirts with a light jacket or sweater. This way I can just throw it on as the temperatures start to cool off at night. It's also a great option for the early morning hours. I recommend bringing at least one light jacket and one light sweater for this time of year.

Dresses & Skirts: You can also bring along some spring dresses and skirts. It will be warm enough during the day, but at night you might want to wear a pair of tights underneath to stay warm.

Pants/Jeans/Shorts: As the weather transitions, you will want to come prepared with pants, jeans, and shorts this time of year. The Phoenix weather in March is beautiful and if you come prepared with all three of these options, you will be able to enjoy it all day long.

Shoes: This is the time of year that I start to transition from all closed toe shoes to some sandals and flip flops. I'll still learn toward the closed toe shoes at night to keep my toes warm.

Packing Tips for Men

Shirts: You will want to pack quite a few short sleeved shirts along with a couple of light weight long sleeved shirts. Aram is usually fine in his short sleeved shirts most of the month, but will sometimes throw on a longer sleeved shirt at night to stay warm.

Jacket: Bring along at least one jacket or sweater to wear after sunset or first thing in the morning. You can pair this with your short sleeved shirts to stay warm.

Pants/Jeans/Shorts: This is also the time of year that you can wear pants, jeans, and shorts. Late mornings and afternoons will usually be warm enough for shorts. You will want to bring along some pants and jeans for the cooler morning hours and/or for after sunset.

Shoes: Bring along both athletic or canvas shoes as well as some sandals. You will find yourself transitioning back and forth as the Phoenix weather in March changes throughout the day. 

Five Fun Things to Do in March

1. Cactus League Spring Training Games: One of the biggest draws this time of year is the Cactus League Spring Training Games. The entire league plays in the Phoenix metro area including the LA Dodgers, SF Giants, and Arizona Diamondbacks. There are a few games everyday so you can choose what teams you want to see.

2. Golf: This is one of my favorites this time of year. It's just the right temperature and you will find dozens of courses all around the Valley.

3. Hiking: This is also one of my favorite things to do in March, since you can go hiking anytime of the day. The heat is intense from around noon to late afternoon, but as long as you are prepared with water, hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses, you can enjoy your time on the trail.

4. Day Trip to Sedona: This is also when it's fun to head up to Sedona. Temperatures are also warming up there this time of year and you can explore its beautiful landscape. Make sure to add a few warmer items to your luggage if you plan to spend time here. Their temperatures are in the mid-60s during the day and dip down into the upper 30s at night. This is one of the best guided tours.

5. Desert Botanical Garden: I love heading to the Desert Botanical Garden this time of year also. You can enjoy their selection of plants and flowers as well as see some rare and exotic finds.

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