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Phoenix Weather in May: Average Temperatures & What to Wear

Phoenix weather in May is when our temperatures start to really warm up. With little rain, you will also find the sun shining almost every day of the month.

We haven't quite hit the really hot days yet, but you will want to start planning some indoor activities toward the end of the month.

Read on for more information on what to expect this time of year, packing tips, and a few fun things to do in May.

Roosevelt Row Murals in May on a hot, yet beautiful day.

The Phoenix weather in May features highs in the mid-90s. This is usually when we start to see our first 100+ degree days (although during hotter summers, it will be toward the end of April).

You will find a few 80 and lower 90-degree days toward the beginning of the month. It starts to warm up toward the end of the month with temperatures usually in the upper 90s to 100+.

Usually around Memorial Day Weekend, you can expect highs in the upper 90s with at least one day at or above 100 degrees.

At night, it cools down quite nicely. Our average overnight lows are around 70 degrees, so it's fun to spend time outdoors after the sun sets.

Here are a few more details about the Phoenix weather in May.

Average temperatures in May in Phoenix

Average High in May: 95° F/35° C

Average Low in May: 69° F/21° C

Average Monthly Rainfall: ~ 1/8 inch

Record High: 114° F/ 46° C

Record Low: 39° F/4° C

What to Wear for the Phoenix Weather in May

As the Phoenix weather in May warms up, you will want to pack mostly cool, summer clothing. It's best to wear loose fitting items, which will allow you to stay cooler.

You will also want to bring along some sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to avoid any issues with the sun.

What to wear in May in Phoenix

Phoenix Weather in May: Women

Shirts: I wear both short-sleeved shirts and tank tops this time of year. Both will help you stay cool in the heat of the day. Always pack a couple of extra, as you will typically need to change your shirt at least once a day on the days you spend outside.

Skirts/Shorts: Bring along three to four shorts and/or skirts. I prefer those that aren't as tight to allow my body to breath during our warm May days.

Dresses: I love to wear flowing dresses as well. They are a great way to stay cool. If you love dresses, bring a couple of them along with you.

Shoes: I stick to almost all sandals, ballet slippers, or flip flops this time of year. This helps me stay cooler both during the day and at night. I do wear athletic shoes while hiking to keep my toes and feet safe from anything that might be on the trail.

Swimming Suits: Do not forget your bathing suit! This is the perfect time of year to cool down at the pool on those hot late spring days.

Phoenix Weather in May: Men

Shirts: Aram typically wears short sleeved shirts most of the month along with some tank tops. I highly recommend packing a few extra as I can guarantee you will want to change out at least once during the day. That will allow for a fresh shirt for your evenings out on the town.

Shorts: You will most likely stick with shorts during your entire stay. Make sure they are loose fitting, so you don't overheat. It's usually warm enough at night to also wear shorts out and makes for a perfect night on an outdoor patio.

Shoes: Sandals and flip flops are Aram's go to this time of year. He will wear athletic shoes for hiking, but other than that, he will wear his sandals or flip flops.

Swimming Suits: Bring along one to two bathing suits for your stay. This will allow you to jump in a couple of times a day without having to put on a wet suit from earlier in the day.

Five Fun Things to Do in May

1. Golfing: This is a huge past time for both locals and visitors. You will find courses throughout the Valley. They open at sunrise, so do your best to get the earliest tee time possible so you don't have to be out during the heat of the afternoon.

2. Day Trip to Sedona: May is the perfect time of year to visit Sedona. It's a little cooler, so you can hike any time of day. You can also just sit back and enjoy its colorful scenery. You can either head up on your own or on a day trip. This is my favorite guided tour.

3. Musical Instrument Museum: If you are looking for something to do indoors, then head over to the Musical Instrument Museum. It's full of interesting displays about music from countries and regions all around the world. There is also a wonderful exhibit about some of the top performers of our time.

4. Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball: The Arizona Diamondbacks play about a dozen games every May in Phoenix. They have a retractable roof, so you can ensure you will be comfortable no matter what the weather. All games are at Chase Field in downtown Phoenix.

5. Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride: A hot air balloon ride over the Sonoran Desert is the perfect way to start your day. You will rise up in the air just a few minutes before sunrise, so you can catch it from above. A hot air balloon ride is an experience like no other and one you will never forget. This is my favorite one.

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