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Phoenix Weather in November: Temperatures Continue to Cool

You are going to love the Phoenix weather in November. It's one of the best months as the temperatures are cool and there is very little rain. Many outdoor events, such as concerts, NFL football, and fun Thanksgiving events are happening all month long.

Being that the weather is almost perfect in our minds, we love that we can wear comfortable clothes and just walk out the door without much hassle. November is wonderful because we don't have to worry about coming back to change because we won't get as sweaty or sun burnt during the day.

Jill and I love this month for many reasons, some of which include the many concerts that are both indoor and outdoor, the sporting events that are all over the city, going to places like the Desert Botanical Gardens or going walking and hiking at South Mountain or Papago Park.

Read on for more information on average temperatures, fun things to do in The Valley, what to pack and how to plan for your perfect trip to Phoenix.

Flamingos at the Phoenix Zoo in November

November is the start to the Phoenix winter, which if you are from the north or the cold weather states you'll laugh when you read this as our winters are about as warm and comfortable as you'll find anywhere in the USA.

You may be surprised but you can now start wearing jeans, pants or heavier skirts and dresses even though you are in Arizona. There really is nothing like going out in the night and feeling totally comfortable no matter what you are wearing. You actually might want to bring a light jersey or very light sweater depending on how warm you like to be.

The morning temps are usually around the lower 50s, while the highs are usually in the middle to upper 70s. In other words, you are going to love the Phoenix weather in November if you like comfortable weather that is like spring weather anywhere else.

This really is one of the best months to be in The Valley since there is so much to do both inside and outside. This is the time of year that the city is truly coming alive.

You don't really have to worry about rain since there basically isn't much at all because of the dryness of the Phoenix weather in November. There is no real reason to plan for it or bring any rain gear or umbrellas.

Here is a little more on the Phoenix weather in November.

Average highs and lows for the Phoenix weather in November.

Average High in November: 76 degrees Fahrenheit (25 degrees Celsius)

Average Low in November: 53 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius)

Average Monthly Rainfall: 0.65 inches

Record High: 96 degrees Fahrenheit (36 degrees Celsius)

Record Low: 27 degrees Fahrenheit (-3 degrees Celsius)

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What to Wear for the Phoenix Weather in November

Phoenix weather in November is about as good as you can get, as far as Jill and I are concerned, as it feels like springtime, but it is in the winter. You can basically wear anything you want and still feel comfortable. You might even need to have a light sweater or jacket for the nights, which when you compare it to just one month ago in early October, that would be impossible.

Since the mornings are cool, the afternoon is nice and warm, and the evenings are so comfortable that you'll love this month as much as we do. There is nothing like casual Phoenix weather in November if you are looking for just the right balance between day and night.


Shirts: Jill usually wears short sleeved shirts and she is comfortable almost the whole day through. If anything, she might bring along a sweater and wear it around her waist if the gets cold, but she usually doesn't even need that. If we are going hiking, running, or some type of harder exercise first thing in the morning, she may wear a longer sleeved tight exercise shirt to keep herself warm. But that is usually more likely towards the end of the month as December is about to arrive. She sometimes wears tights to keep herself warm as shorts will be a bit too cold as the end of the month approaches.

Dresses and Skirts: The Phoenix weather in November is perfect for skirts and dresses. You might even want to wear tights underneath them depending on the temperature and as we reach end of the month. Dresses are also a great option as it is starting to get a bit chilly in the evenings. They are also perfect for the daytime as long as they aren't too heavy. Short sleeved dresses are best as you can always bring along a light sweater.

Pants/Jeans/Shorts: You are finally in the part of the year where you could wear shorts, pants, or jeans and be comfortable. We would recommend shorts during the day, since it is still warm enough, but put on jeans or pants in the morning or night unless you are going to do a long hike or exercise. If you plan to get out there and work up some sweat by climbing places like South Mountain or going through Papago Park, shorts are going to be your best bet or maybe running tights.

Shoes: Pretty much anything goes at this point depending on your comfort level. If you are just cruising around The Valley of the Sun, with no particular place to go, sandals or flip-flops are probably just fine. If you are going to do more long walks, and check out a number of different neighborhoods, museums, or major attractions, I'd suggest tennis shoes just for general comfort and support of your feet. Since the temperatures are cool now, and the asphalt is not hot, you don't have to worry about your feet getting overheated in tennis shoes. This is also a good month to start wearing high heels if you want to dress up also.


Shirts: The Phoenix weather in November is starting to cool down, so it's a great time to bring along both short-sleeved and light, long sleeved shirts. I sometimes also wear a short sleeved shirt and bring along a light jacket or sweater to add on cooler days.

Pants/Jean/Shorts: You will also want to bring along maybe one pair of shorts, but pack more longer pants. Jeans are acceptable all-around town and a perfect, casual way to dress. Pants are fine too and perfect to bring along for places that are a bit nicer.

Shoes: This is the time of year when I start switching from sandals over to closed toe shoes. I typically wear athletic shoes, but I recommend bringing a long a nicer pair of canvas shoes as well. Since it's so casual here, you will find both are okay in most settings. 

5 Things to Do in Phoenix in November

Hiking near Hole in the Rock in November

1. Thanksgiving: The Phoenix weather in November makes it the perfect place to celebrate this wonderful holiday. There are numerous events, special dining out options, and theater or concerts throughout the holiday weekend.

2. Phoenix Suns Basketball Games:  The Suns are always in the running for the championship and they are a fast and furious scoring machine. The Suns play at Talking Stick Arena in Downtown Phoenix.

3. Concerts: You will find plenty of concerts both indoors and out in Phoenix in November. You will find both big name international artists as well as local favorites. 

4. Day Trip to Sedona: Sedona is a few hours away from Phoenix, but when you get there you will think you are in a totally different world. There are numerous tours including sightseeing, food, and our favorite, The Zoo Tour. This is another one of our favorite guided tours to Sedona.

5. Hike around The Valley: Now that the weather has become much more comfortable, this is the perfect time to take advantage of the beautiful nature all around you. Some of our favorites include South Mountain, Papago Park (where the "Hole in the Wall" is located), and Camelback Mountain.

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