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Phoenix Suns Schedule & Tips to Attend a Game

Updated: May 11, 2023

The Phoenix Suns are ready to slam-dunk their way back into the NBA Championships for the 2022 - 2023 season! Here you will find details about their home schedule, how to get to the stadium, details about the renovated stadium, where to buy tickets, and so much more.

This NBA professional basketball team plays regular season games from October through early April. Playoffs begin in mid-April and run through the Championship games in June.

We hope to see them through to the finals every year!

Footprint Center both Indoors and out where the Phoenix Suns play

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One of the reasons going to a Suns' game is so much fun is that so many other great teams play against them here. These include top teams such as the Golden State Warriors, the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Denver Nuggets each year. They also welcome the Atlanta Hawks, the Boston Celtics, and the Milwaukee Bucks.

They have around seven to nine home games each month during their regular season.

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Phoenix Suns 2023 Schedule

Suns playing the Golden State Warriors at home

May 2023

Game 6 against the Denver Nuggets at home at 7 pm

Footprint Center Admission Information

Outside the Footprint Center

The Footprint Center opens its doors 90 minutes before each game. This will give you enough time to find something to eat or drink and then make it to your seat before tip-off.

Most of their games start at around 7 pm, with a few early games on the weekends and holidays.

The ticket prices range from as low as $15-$20 to over $1,000 for court-side. Depending on the opponent, certain tickets can even reach over $2,000! You can expect to pay even more for playoff tickets.

Highlights of the Phoenix Suns & Arena

Shooting a free throw at the Footprint Center

The Footprint Center was fully renovated and reopened in 2022. It used to be the oldest and smallest and is now one of the best in the NBA. It's now, without question, the crème de la crème for NBA arenas for so many reasons.

Check out these highlights: 

  • The capacity holds 18,422 people.
  • The main pavilion, directly after entering the arena, has the largest sports bar in all of Arizona, with over 7,000 square feet of TV space.
  • There are many more special seating areas and club areas than in other arenas. 
  • The new center court scoreboard has over 3,000 feet of LED lighting, making the fan viewing experience more stunning.  
  • There are more food options from local and chain restaurants.
  • The whole stadium is cashless and touchless.
  • New and comfortable seats with better viewing for all sections.
  • New premium seating experiences include suites, floor seats, North End Tables, and North End Theater Seats.
  • The Suns went all out and didn't hold back, with the total cost of all the renovations being more than $230 million.

How to Get to the Footprint Center

Light rail train to the basketball game in Phoenix.

With so many options, you'll find it is easy to get to a game here. These are a few options to help you decide: 

  • Walking: Walking to the arena is quite simple if you are downtown! You'll pass by all kinds of stores, bars, and restaurants. Depending on your starting location, the walk might take about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Bicycle: Downtown Phoenix is known for its great bike paths. It's the perfect option, so you don't have to deal with traffic and parking. Phoenix's baseball team, the Arizona Diamondback's Chase Field, is located directly next to the arena and has quite a few bike racks. And what if you don't have your own bike? You can easily rent one at the city's GR:D bikes. Simply download the app, unlock the bike, and ride. When done, park the bike and pay with the app. Even easier is the "dockless" bike option that allows you to use the app to ride and then just leave it without using a bike rack. 
  • City Buses: Three main bus lines run by the Footprint Center. The #1 runs east to west and stops almost directly in front of the arena. The #7 goes north and south and takes you down to the city center, so if you want to hop off and check out some restaurants and shops, this option is perfect. 
  • Valley Metro Light Rail: With the helpful option of all-day passes, the metro stops almost directly in front of the arena. The light rail comes about every 20 minutes and is almost always perfectly on time. The tickets are available online and also in many stores around the city. If visiting for longer, there are 5-day+ ticket options. NOTE: There is a special "Rail Ride Event" pass that allows anyone who has purchased a game ticket to ride for free. The pass must be used within 4 hours before the start of the game and then can be used for the remainder of the day. Just show your ticket at the entrance. 
  • Uber or Lyft: Personally, we dislike driving and parking in this area. It is very busy and can often get congested with traffic and pedestrians. If you choose to avoid mass transit, use an Uber or Lyft for a happy medium. The price depends entirely on your location and length of arrival time to and from the arena.
  • Driving and Parking: In our opinion, this is the option we recommended the least due to all the fans and traffic. However, if you decide to drive, you can use the Phoenix Suns' Parking lot and/or street meters. In addition, there are around 4-6 other parking lots in the area, usually costing around $15 to $20 for a game.
  • NOTE: There is an ADA-accessible parking lot on the west side of the building. The entrance is at 1st Street & Madison; there are 31 parking spaces with handicapped plates or placards. A sign will be posted if the ADA-accessible spots are full.

Restaurants and Food at the Phoenix Suns Home Games

Burger and fries at a Phoenix Suns game

With so many different foods and drinks, you'll surely find something to enjoy at the Footprint Center.  

You have the classics like hamburgers, hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, chips, french fries, and a wide variety of beers from all over the world. There are loads of delicious margaritas, wines, spirits, non-alcoholic drinks, and other specialties from around the Southwest. 

There are several stations to grab a drink or a quick bite to eat. Also, the arena has at least 20 different restaurants to choose from, so you will never run out of options no matter how many times you visit here.

So, in case you were wondering, there is no need to worry about dietary needs or restrictions! 

Places to Grab a Bite or Drink Near the Footprint Center

Due to the central location of the games, there is an almost unlimited amount of food and drink choices for everyone. 

Some of our local favorites include:

  • The Arrogant Butcher (which has meat and also both vegetarian and vegan options)
  • Blue Hound Kitchen & Cocktails
  • Willie's Taco Joint
  • Crown Public House

All of these are just a short distance away, including a few just across the street. In addition, you will find a ton of other great places to eat downtown.

>> Use our guide for additional places to we love to eat in downtown Phoenix

Places to Stay Nearby

Whether you live in Phoenix or are visiting, staying downtown is the perfect way to go to a game. We've included just a few listed below: 

  • Courtyard Phoenix Downtown: This 3-star hotel has only 120 rooms and is, therefore, one of the smaller hotels in the downtown area. It comes equipped with the usual amenities and also has a pool, gym, a full restaurant, and bar/lounge. It is only .4 miles or .6 kilometers away. 132 S. Central Avenue
  • Renaissance Phoenix Downtown: This 518-room 4-star hotel is also just .4 miles from the arena. There are 2 restaurants and a lounge, an outdoor pool with great views, pet-friendly, and an on-site gym. Breakfast is also available. 100 N. 1st Street
  • Kimpton Hotel Palomar Phoenix Cityscape: A 4-star hotel with 242 rooms, it features 2 restaurants and 2 bars. There is an outdoor pool that gives amazing views of the city and a rooftop terrace. Breakfast is available, and there is on-site parking. It is only .4 miles away. 2 East Jefferson

Attending a Game with Your Kids

Introducing Chris Paul in Phoenix

In case you are bringing some of your younger-aged basketball fans, strollers are allowed at the game! They are to be checked at Guest Services so that they don't block any aisles or seats for other people. If you are in a luxury suite, you can opt to keep the stroller with you.

Kids that are 3 years or younger can watch the game for free as long as they sit on an adult's lap. 

There aren't any special seats for children, but you can ask for a booster seat to help your little one see the court.

There are baby changing stations available in every women's restroom and family restrooms with baby changing areas. 

IMPORTANT: If your child gets lost, they will be taken to the Guest Services Office located in the Northwest corner of the building on the pavilion.

Also, you can request a wristband that will have your child's name on it and the seat location. Staff members will escort your child back to you if they see this wristband.

NOTE: Make sure to check details beforehand, as some events require children of ALL ages to buy tickets.

Sign and Banner Rules

A few rules and regulations exist to bring a banner or sign to the game. For one, they MUST be flame retardant. They must NOT be commercial and/or have obscene words or pictures on them. 

The signs and banners must be handheld. You should NOT cause any disturbance to other fans. So ensure they are the correct size so they won't block anyone else's view of the court.

Therefore, the final requirement is that signs and banners can NOT be any larger than 11 inches by 17 inches.

ADA Accessibility

The Footprint Center is ADA-accessible and has improved even more with the 2022 upgrades. Here are a few changes made for a more overall enjoyable experience: 

  • There are 31 designated parking spots at the lot at 1st & Madison.
  • There is wheelchair-accessible seating in ALL locations.
  • There are storage areas for scooters, walkers, and wheelchairs in the upper concourse.
  • There are special seats that only have a single step and room for 3 companions.
  • Service animals and service animals-in-training are allowed as long as they are leashed.
  • Therapy animals and emotional support animals are NOT allowed in the arena.
  • They have family and companion restrooms.
  • There are two elevators to help your movement throughout the arena.
  • There are braille (vision) and tactile (touch) signs in different areas.
  • You can request a guest services representative to bring a wheelchair to take you to your seat. They will also return to assist you to the exit when the game is over.

Fun Facts about the Phoenix Suns

Mid-Game Suns vs Warriors
  • The basketball team was established in 1968.
  • The name "The Phoenix Suns" was chosen from over 28,000 entries in a "Name the Team" contest.
  • Charles Barkley and Steve Nash were both NBA MVPs while playing for the Suns.
  • Steve Nash, Charles Barkley, Connie Hawkins, Jason Kidd, and 7 other Suns are in the NBA Hall of Fame.
  • They have made 2 NBA Finals appearances and 30 playoff appearances. They have never won an NBA championship.
  • The arena has the longest bar in Arizona at 60 feet in length.
  • The new center court scoreboard weighs 50,000 pounds and covers over 3,000 square feet.
  • The Phoenix Suns' mascot is an ape that is nicknamed "GO."
  • GO is famous for his high-flying dunks and for getting the crowd to cheer for his favorite team.
Tips to Attend a Phoenix Suns Game

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